Tis the Season to be Marketing

We all know in the busy health sector it is important to stay front of mind with your referrers.  Without referrals you don’t have a service.  No doubt this year you did some practice visits and sent information to General Practice and other referring bodies to keep them up to date with your services.

Don’t drop the ball this Christmas!  This is the key time to touch base in a ‘non-selling’ way through a light, friendly Christmas greeting.  It shows you care and creates a good memory of your dealings this year, which they will carry with them into the new year.  It’s also a perfect opportunity to let them know your opening hours over the Christmas period.

So what do you send them, traditional card or electronic card?  Well, the answer is electronic – it is much more cost effective…Lets do the sums!  Say you have 1500 clients and referrers.  If you sent them all a Christmas card in the mail it would cost at least $1.25 per person.  That’s $1,875 plus staff wages to prepare and post the cards.  A digital greeting package could cost about 1/8th of this.

Top 5 reasons to send an electronic Christmas greeting to your referrers and clients:

  • Keeps you front of mind above other service providers
  • Creates a positive memory of the service you provided this year
  • Good value for money – could be 1/8th the cost of posting a card
  • Maintains relationships and subsequent referrals, into the new year
  • Opportunity to advertise your Christmas period opening hours

If you need assistance with getting this organised before Christmas contact us about our ‘Christmas Greetings Pack‘.