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Be A Delicious Doughnut

By Lisa King I recently found out looks can be deceiving!! I was soooooo disappointed. My friends know that I absolutely LOVE doughnuts. So you can imagine my excitement when I spotted these beauties at a recent festival.  My pick, golden gaytime cronut (one on the left).   It. Looks. Amazing! Right?! I found a…

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Boost Your Online Presence

Allied Health Marketing

  When did you last do a Google search for the service you provide in your town e.g. ‘Counsellor Toowoomba’? How did you rank? If it wasn’t great then map out some time over the next month when you will focus on your online presence. The great thing about online marketing is that it is…

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What’s Your Stress Twitch?

  Do you sometimes get that feeling that you’re not quite yourself? You’re a bit wound up, find it hard to relax your brain, and you wake up after a night of sleep but don’t feel refreshed.  Stress is a funny thing in that it is very individual in its expression.  You really need to…

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Are You Going Down The Right Burrows?

  Time is limited when you own your own practice. You need to be multi-skilled, a jack of all trades. In addition to being a skilled practitioner, you are now also a technology whizz, a marketing expert, a finance guru and a superb strategist. Exhausting! So how do you know if all this effort is…

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5 Tips For Making Creative White Space

  A previous CEO once said to me that creating white space to think produces creativity. At that time and for years since I worked at a high pace and never ‘found the time’ to think, or read, or plan ahead much – except when the planning was in response to a need which had…

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Tis the Season to be Marketing

  We all know in the busy health sector it is important to stay front of mind with your referrers.  Without referrals you don’t have a service.  No doubt this year you did some practice visits and sent information to General Practice and other referring bodies to keep them up to date with your services.…

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