Sick of Groundhog Day? Create a New Outcome for Your Practice

Did you get to the end of last year and find your practice was in the same place as it was at the beginning of the year? If you did, you wouldn’t be alone. In the practice environment where the client is the priority, it is easy to fall into a habit of being reactive to client needs rather than proactive. The thing is, if you always do what you have always done, you always get what you have always got. Allied Health practices, as with any business need to keep evolving to stay ahead of the game and remain profitable as well as providing the client with the best service possible. Take technology for example. Have you thought about the improvements to practice efficiency (and ultimately the bottom line) that could be made by investing in some new technologies? We use devices such as tablets and smart phones in our everyday lives and so do most of your clients. These can be incorporated into your practice to make things simpler for your clients as well as simplify processes for staff.

Awesome right! But, to think effectively about such things requires time. To be creative, the brain needs downtime. Space, to think of opportunities and explore what could be. The best time you will have to do this is now. The New Year is prime time as you and your staff are feeling refreshed and it is a good marker to measure goals from.

So, your challenge is to set aside some time to meet with the team (or by yourself) and do some visioning. Ask them where they would like to see the practice in 12 months’ time. Set some goals and then some actions to achieve these goals. It doesn’t need to be extensive, but it does need to be clear and written down. The chances of achieving goals greatly increased simply by writing them down. Then, allocate staff to progress the actions and set a time to regularly review the plan and note the progress. A prime time is staff meetings. To save you time we have created a simple Action Plan that you can print out and use. Click here to download a copy.

If you are a sole practitioner, this is even more important as you have a large number of hats and tasks to juggle. Don’t forget, if you want a hand doing your planning you can engage our consultants to help you out. We love this stuff!