Information Technology

There are a lot of IT services out there, but wouldn't it be ideal to have an IT service provider who dealt specifically with health services?  One that knows exactly what you need to efficiently run an allied health practice?  We are that service!


If you are setting up a practice and aren’t sure where to start with you IT then this session is your answer! Have a FREE phone consultation with one of our highly qualified and friendly IT consultants who will walk you through exactly what you need and what will work best for your allied health service. phones, and online booking software.

Examples of topics covered:

  • Data back up and storage that complies with Australian data protection laws
  • Practice software options to suit your needs
  • Cyber Security
  • Paperless systems
  • Hardware to suit your service
  • Digital phone solutions that will save you money (VOIP)


We offer prompt, reliable and professional IT support to both small and large allied health practices via our IT Service Partner.   The service provides you with access to IT support wherever you are in Australia, using online technologies to communicate with you, and remote software to access your devices for repair.  You can utilise this service easily via a support phone number, email, or online messaging service.  Contact us to find out more or to setup an account so you can access the allied health IT support service.


We work with an online booking calendar called Calendly.  If you do not have access to an online booking calendar with your client management software then this may be a great option for you.  We can set you up with an account, configure Calendly to offer your services, setup email and text messaging reminders, and link it to your website.  A payment method can also be connected, offering pre-payment for appointments.  We can also set Calendly up with the option of Zoom appointments that are setup automatically by the client when making the booking.

Paid subscriptions may be required to Calendly and linked services.  We take no responsibility for the service offered by Calendly, including their data security.


We can set you up with secure online forms that comply with Australian privacy standards using Snapforms. This Australian based company stores the form data on Australian servers, so it great for forms such as you client intake form.  This can be easily linked to an online booking calendar or embed into your website or Facebook page to automate the intake process.  Saves you time and is very convenient for both you and the client.

Paid subscriptions may be required for Snapforms. We take no responsibility for the service offered by Snapforms, including their data security.


Zoom is a convenient and simple to use option for video appointments.  Clients simply follow the meeting link you send them to connect to their session either on their smartphone, tablet or PC.  We can set an account up and customise your settings for you, as well as run you through a tutorial and test run so you are ready to host your first video session.


Paid subscriptions may be required for Zoom.  We take no responsibility for the service offered by Zoom, including their data security.


You’re busy, you’re a professional, you don't have time to wonder if your data is backed up, safe and secure.

Our IT Service Partner can set you up with cloud based backups so that you don't have to wonder:

  • What if my computer fails? – Hardware failure is the most common cause of important data loss.
  • What if my computer is stolen?
  • What would happen to my data if there was a fire or flood?
  • I’ve been infected with ransomware, how do I recover my important documents and databases?

The cloud backup solutions used are Australian Medical Standards compliant, affordable and unlimited.


We offer a cloud hosted PBX (digital phone service) through our cloud hosted PBX service provider.  Cloud hosted PBX is a new way of making and receiving phone calls using the internet.  Some of the benefits are:

  • All you need is a handset and the internet, no phone line or onsite phone PBX unit required.
  • Ability to add a recorded welcome message and a wait message.
  • Ability to offer a menu of options for callers (press 1 for x, press 2 for x etc.)
  • User statistics that can be downloaded from an online portal
  • Regularly updated service so you have access to the latest and the greatest features
  • More cost effective than traditional phone services


IT security is paramount for every Australian business.  We offer cyber security via our cyber security service partner that is designed specifically to keep your network secure and your customers/patients data safe and secure.  This service offers a rigorous audit and accreditation process, so you can assure your clients/patients that your data, and their data is safe and secure.


As part of our website building service we provide domain name registration so that you can secure your chosen website URL, as well as website hosting.  Website hosting is a service where we store (host) your website on a server for you.  You pay annually for this service and all websites need to be hosted on a server somewhere.  The servers we use are Australian based, come with a free SSL, and full support to ensure you website stays up and running as much as possible.

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We build websites specifically for Allied Health practices that are easy to update yourself.  We'll build your website in a jiffy with no need to explain to us the nuances of your discipline.