Covid-19 Resources

This certainly is a challenging time for business owners.  There is so much uncharted territory.  We've put together a collection or resources to hopefully provide you with some assistance.  This will be reviewed and updated as the situation evolves.

Australian Laws & Marketing Your Allied Health Practice Online

In this video, our Director Lisa King speaks with Penny Adams of Seasons Of Our Counselling Career about navigating the laws which govern that online space for health services.  Content specifically focuses on Christian Counsellors but is relevant to anyone working in the health space.

If you are a Christian counsellor, here is the link to join the Seasons of Our Counselling Career Facebook Community who hosted this video.

Download the Guidelines For Advertising A Regulated Health Service mentioned in this video

Conducting Video Consultations

> How Zoom Can Be Used For Healthcare - Info Sheet

> Zoom Meetings For Healthcare - Webinar Signup

> Zoom Video Tutorials

> The Use of Zoom and Epic Together - Blog


Conducting Video Events

> Best Practices For Hosting Video Events - Video Signup

> Video Event Hosting Tips - Poster Download

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Upload these virtual backgrounds to your Zoom account to use for video consultations or events.  These act like a green screen and will replace your home office as the background to your videos.


Clinic Room (Click here to download high resolution version)


Counselling Room - Two Chairs (Click here to download high resolution version)


Counselling Room - Couch (Click here to download high resolution version)


Exercise Room - (Click here to download high resolution version)


Relaxing Nature Scene (Click here to download high resolution version)


Meeting Room (Click here to download high resolution version)



> Cash Flow Assistance For Businesses - Treasury Fact Sheet

> Temporary Relief for Financially Distressed Businesses - Treasury Fact Sheet

> Early Access of up to $10,000 Super - Treasury Fact Sheet



> Business Response to Covid-19 Considerations for Workforce Reduction Options

Author: Focus HR

White paper aimed at stepping businesses through the tougher options of cutting staff; but also how businesses can go about rallying the troops and taking a team approach to getting through this time without casualties.

Read White Paper

> AHPRA Covid-19 Updates - Web Page


Practice Posters

Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in 7 Steps



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