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Boost Your Online Presence

When did you last do a Google search for the service you provide in your town e.g. ‘Counsellor Toowoomba’? How did you rank? If it wasn’t great then map out some time over the next month when you will focus on your online presence.

The great thing about online marketing is that it is active 24/7.  When you have switched off the light at work and are happily tucked up at home with some Netflix, potential clients can be researching your service and making decisions about engaging with you.  This means there is awesome potential for generating ongoing self-referrals, or maintaining the ones you have through having an engaging online presence.

But, it’s not a set and forget…

It is easy when you are working ‘in the business’ to overlook giving some TLC to your online marketing channels.  If your online marketing needs a bit of a boost, here are four key tips you can focus on over the next month.

Week 1 – Put your business details onto online directories

A great way to be noticed and to raise the Search Engine Optimisation of your website is to list your business on directories such as Yellow Pages, My Community Directory and Local Search.

Week 2: Claim your Google My Business listing

What is that?! Well, you know when you Google a business and it suggests a bunch of results with maps? That’s it. Often Google will make you a listing and you just need to claim it. There will be a link to do so. Google your business name and see if you get a result on the right of the search results page. It looks like a mini website with business details and photos.  Click the ‘Own this business?’ and follow the prompts.

Week 3: Spend some time updating your Facebook page

Make sure the info matches your website and it has the correct opening hours. Update your cover image and check your contact details are still current. Hopefully you have already discovered the statistics section – if not, check it out to learn more about how your page is performing.

Week 4: Set up/update your LinkedIn profile and page

Log in and check if you need to update your positions, add some more skills, update your cover image, and add any recent qualifications. Also check out your business page and freshen it up too. If you don’t have one, set one up – it is similar to a Facebook business page. While you are in there, endorse some contacts, request to connect with some more people, and join a new group. Also, download the App if you haven’t already so you can easily connect on your smart phone.