Be A Delicious Doughnut

By Lisa Bennett

I recently found out looks can be deceiving!! I was soooooo disappointed. My friends know that I absolutely LOVE doughnuts. So you can imagine my excitement when I spotted these beauties at a recent festival.  My pick, golden gaytime cronut (one on the left).

It. Looks. Amazing! Right?! I found a great eating spot that would maximize my enjoyment of this mouthwatering gem. Drooling I hoed in. But I didn’t get far. It was soooo hard I had to pull and rip bites off with my teeth. And the caramel lacked flavour. What a disappointment…

This doughnut business looked great but it’s product didn’t live up to the standard it projected. And as a customer I went away disappointed. I told my friends about my bad experience, and I won’t purchase from them again.

My point is, your clinical service must live up to the standard your marketing projects, your interior decorating projects, your friendly staff projects, your fees project. If it doesn’t, your patients will go away dissatisfied. It’s a bigger let down when the packaging looks AMAZING but the contents is pretty ordinary. Be a delicious doughnut, not just a good looking one.