Are You Going Down The Right Burrows?

Time is limited when you own your own practice. You need to be multi-skilled, a jack of all trades. In addition to being a skilled practitioner, you are now also a technology whizz, a marketing expert, a finance guru and a superb strategist. Exhausting! So how do you know if all this effort is paying off? It is important to ensure you are putting your time where it is most needed.

When you own your own practice it can be easy to get distracted with opportunities and tasks that take up a lot of your time but may not actually be in line with your business aims. Particularly when starting up, we can stretch ourselves across many areas in an effort to bring income into the business. Whilst this is often necessary in the initial stages, sometimes your efforts can be focussed too much on things that produce a low return on investment.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you are going down the right burrows, if you are spending the right amount of time going down those paths, and if you are getting the outcomes you want from them.

  1. What areas/activities do I spend my time on?
  2. How much of my time do I spend on each of these? Allocating a percentage to each can be helpful.
  3. What is my return on investment?
  4. Is it important for me right now to be spending time on the area/activity?
  5. Am I spending too much time on some areas/activities and not enough on others?

Now, reallocate your time based on this. Business is tough and requires a lot of your time and energy. But being wise about the way you use the time you have can reduce some of the octopus syndrome you have been experiencing.