5 Tips For Making Creative White Space

A previous CEO once said to me that creating white space to think produces creativity. At that time and for years since I worked at a high pace and never ‘found the time’ to think, or read, or plan ahead much – except when the planning was in response to a need which had just arisen.

It wasn’t until I set up my business that I suddenly had the time and the ability to create some white space. I found myself reading, researching, learning, planning and experimenting. After a while I realised I couldn’t stop my brain from constantly popping out ideas!

However, I’ve recently gone through an extremely busy period with every moment booked up with something or other. And, I’m back to having no white space! Guess what I’ve noticed – unfortunately the ideas tap has been turned off…It’s great for getting to sleep but not great for being pro-active.

I miss the excitement of a new idea, a new plan, fun opportunities to explore. So, here’s the things I will be trying and my tips for others seeking this creative white space:

1. Schedule exercise into your calendar. I do a lot of reflecting and planning when I’m exercising. It’ll also make your workout go quicker! Plus it’s a great de-stressor.

2. Don’t feel you have to book everything into this week. Put a few things into next week or the week after.

3. Sign up to newsfeeds using something like the Feedly app so you can quickly and easily read and learn something new or be inspired.

4. Hire more staff or delegate better. If you manage your practice you need to be spending time doing just that.

5. Find a brainstorming buddy. Once you come up with your great ideas you are going to need someone to bounce things off. Find someone who shares the vision for what you are trying to achieve.

Just remember, white space isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity when running a practice. Good Luck!