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Crunch are all about making things easy for you so we have categorised and priced our services so you can easily find what you are looking for.  We noticed our clients were overwhelmed about what to get, so we have bundled up some packages to save you some thinking time and of course save some money too! We also do lots of customised services so just ask if you want something you can’t see on our website.

Our services fall into one of the below 3 categories:

All prices are Ex GST

Design & Marketing

Standard Logo $550

If you are a startup practice and need a logo, or are wanting a face lift to your existing logo, we can help you out. Crunch can also design you an Avatar to use on social media such as Facebook.

General Graphic Design $125 p/h
Website (6 page) $1,100

These days you need a website that is super easy for you to edit yourself.  We have a product perfect for you!  The Crunch Web Builder is a drag and drop front end builder, which means you don’t need to know any code and can easily edit your website.  We’ll set you up with a design, hosting, and a tutorial to set you up ready to maintain yourself – no need to come back to us!  Unless of course you’d rather us do it, in which case we’d love to help you out.  Importantly, this is a responsive design which means your website can be viewed easily and neatly on any device (i.e. tablet, phone, and PC).  All websites are built with your clients in mind, ensuring designs are easy to navigate, clear and professional.  If you want to build it yourself, we can also set you up with the Crunch Web Builder and hosting so all you have to do is get your design on!   More Info

Appointment Cards (x 1000) $410

Need a spiffy business/appointment card? Crunch can design and print for you 1000 double sided cards.  Just need a re-print? We can do that too – ask for a price.  Other quantities also available.

Mini Marketing Plan $480

Groan. No, not this time. Crunch has a Mini Marketing Plan (Approx. 6 pages) that is all most practices need to get their marketing organised and a plan set in place. The Mini Marketing Plan is presented in an easy to read table format so it is a readily usable document. Our consultant will work with you to plan your marketing aims, your marketing strategies, and the measures for identifying the success of each strategy.

Social Media Brand Package $275

Wanting to look professional on social media?  This is a great pack to do just that.  Get a Facebook cover image, a Facebook Avatar designed from your logo (profile picture), and an image designed for one other social media your practice uses.

Flyer (x 1000) $465

Great for letterbox drops, counter top displays and events, these DL sized flyers are a double sided design and printed in full colour gloss.  You’ll get 1000 copies designed to your requirements.  We can also do other sizes and on card – ask for a price!

Brochure (x 1000) $798

Looking for a way to showcase your services?  Brochures are a great way to get the word out.  We’ll design you a full colour, double sided brochure designed to suit your needs.  For this price you get 1000 DL tri-fold brochures.  Other sizes and quantities available – ask for a price!

Letterhead Design $280

Letterhead with your branding is important to maintain the professional look.  If your practice does a lot of letters then this is ideal for you.  We’ll design you a professional and unique letterhead as both a PDF print ready file and a Word file.  The cost of printing will depend on your individual needs – have  chat to us and we’ll arrange a print quote as well.

Name Badge $17ea or $12ea for 2+

Name badges are such as small item but they have such a big impact on the image of your practice.  They are an affordable way to add professionalism to your practice, not to mention the great ice-breaker they are between you/your staff  and patients.  Keep communication easy with these neat name badges, made of white plastic with a magnetic backing. More Info

Practice Support

Business Coaching $125 p/h ($80 p/h Students/first year practices)

It can be lonely at the top! Get some coaching on establishing a successful allied health practice or boosting an existing practice to the next level.  Receive regular support via one-on-one coaching sessions to help you get moving with your vision of a fantastic practice.  Meetings can be face to face or over the phone/Skype as required. Coaching can also be a great way to receive short term support with working through significant practice changes such as re-branding, service model changes and staffing issues.  We can also incorporate health coaching into the sessions if you would like to set some personal health goals as well.

If you are a student or in the first year of your practice we know money is extremely tight, so you can sign up for our coaching service at a discounted rate of $80 p/h.

Email Coaching $20 p/w

A quick and convenient way to get the support you are after.  Email our practice support coach any questions you are wanting their input on.  Fits nicely around your workload!

Practice Power Check $200

Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your practice? Completing this review will provide you with greater understanding of the areas to focus your efforts. This allows for a planned approach which filters down to all levels of the practice. By focusing on your strengths you can produce greater achievement in you service delivery by harnessing the expertise you already have. Likewise, identifying areas which need some attention will lift the overall strength of your practice and ultimately productivity and service delivery. Similar to a battery, if your practice is ‘fully charged’ it runs efficiently and at its ultimate potential. The less charge your practice has, the weaker and less efficient it is. Once you know what areas are draining power, you can work towards charging these areas to increase the overall power of your practice.   Focus Areas: > Marketing Your Practice > Information Technology > Practice Planning > Team Culture > Staff Development > Personal Well Being > Practice Management > Health and Safety   What You Get: > Practice Review Tool > Practice Review Report > 45min meeting to review the findings of the report and set goals   More Info

General Consultancy $125 p/h ($80 p/h Students/first year practices)

Access our skilled consultants to conduct work for you on one off jobs such as project managing the set up of a new practice, negotiating services on your behalf, assisting with the recruitment of staff (short listing/interviewing), planning implementing and evaluating projects, writing funding applications, advising on strategy, writing content for documents, reviewing documents, writing resumes…Let us know what we can take the stress off by doing for you.

Admin Services $80 p/h ($65 p/h Students/first year practices)

Those admin tasks can pile up when you are a sole practitioner or short staffed.   Tick those jobs off the list with our ad hoc admin support service.  One of our consultants will either come in to your practice, or complete the jobs remotely.  Examples include, filing, typing up documents, typing notes, scanning, and mail outs.  If you are a student or in the first year of your practice, utilise these services at a discounted rate of $65 p/h.

Tutorials $90

Convenient personal tutorials to support you in specific knowledge areas.  We have set topics or you can also request a specific topic.  Each tutorial runs for 45min so you can easily fit it into your day and are done face to face or remotely (via video conference/phone).   Topics: > Facebook for Business > LinkedIn Basics > Marketing Your Practice > Tips for Writing Your Newsletter & Media Release > Designing Items with Microsoft Office Suite > Crunch eNews Builder Basics > Crunch Web Builder Basics > Stress Management – What are You Doing to Look After Yourself? > Leading Your Team   Request a topic!

Visioning Workshop $400

Crunch can assist practices with their planning through the facilitation of visioning workshop. Tailored to suit your individual needs, the workshop run for 2hours and includes an activity to identify team strengths.  At the end of the workshop you will have identified your practice vision, goals and strategies for achieving this.  Great activity for bringing a team together.

Business Plan $800

A neat practical document, Your Practice Map (business plan) is specifically designed for allied health practices. It is great for start-up practices, practices who haven’t done a plan before, and any practice that needs a concise document to guide its development. Designed to be extremely practical, Your Practice Map is split into easy to find sections so it becomes a usable document that doesn’t just sit on the shelf. Key features include:

  • Practice Overview (keep all or your practice details in one place)
  • Vision and Goals (stay on track with your practice vision and goals)
  • Mini Marketing Plan (plan and track targeted and measurable marketing)
Practice Basics Start-Up Session $160

Setting up  a new practice is hard!  Where to start, what to consider, what’s the best way to do it?  This 1hr session with one of our consultants will set you on track with the basics.

Team Strengths Workshop $375

Working as a team is not always easy.  This session is an opportunity to bring the team together for a positive session which looks at the personal strengths each member brings to the team as well as the strengths of the team as a whole.  Very interactive with hands on tools to get the group sharing and growing together.


IT Support $125 p/h
PDF Fillable Forms $20 per page

If you are going paperless then PDF fillable forms are a great way to get client forms completed. Whether you email them to complete and return, or load them onto a tablet for clients to complete in the waiting room. They can then be easily saved to a client file without the need for annoying scanning. Patients can also insert their electronic signature or complete with a stylus on a tablet. What a time saver!

Hosting (12 months) $144

12 months Website hosting on Australian servers.

Technology Review $62.50

Not sure if you are doing things as efficiently as possible and using the best technologies for your practice?  Wanting to go paperless?  Just wanting advice on what technologies would work best for your practice?  That’s exactly what this review meeting is for.  One of our IT consultants will visit you in your practice, or meet with you remotely to go over what your needs are, what you are currently using and suggest what would work best for you.

Health Sector IT Basics Session $62.50

If you are setting up a practice and aren’t sure where to start with you IT then this sessions your answer!  Meet with one of our highly qualified and friendly IT consultants who will walk you through exactly what you need and what will work best for you.  Examples of topics covered: Data back up, data storage, practice software, laws relating to IT and client data, paperless systems, types of servers, pc’s v’s tablets, VOIP phones, and online booking software.


For Students and practices in their first year of business – on general consultancy and administration support services.  See table for prices.

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